Most deals that I work on require complete silence due to NDA’s. As such, almost all transactions and negotiations are not reported or discussed by me. However, I do get unsolicited offers that do not bound me by those restrictions. I thought I’d share one that we turned down and get your thoughts on it. owns both and According to Techcrunch, Virtual Reality is To hit $150 BILLION and disrupt mobile by 2020. Other well known deals in VR includes Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus VR, and Google’s investment in Magic Leap.

This List of startups in the VR world just on angel list includes over 200 companies with many VR firms hiring for VR related jobs.

The offer we turned down was in the 7 figures. One broker I discussed this with yesterday thinks the right firm could pay upwards of 50 million USD for the pair. Is that possible? As I’ve learned with almost 20 years in this business, anything is possible. If you have some thoughts, Please LMK.