A few months back, I went to see a play on Broadway. I was in line to pay for parking, when the person in front of me handed a coupon to the agent. The coupon reduced their $50 parking charge down to $15. It seemed that most of the other people on the line also had coupons. After inquiring, I had discovered they had all received the coupons online from the parking lots owners site. The next day I googled parking in NYC and found that most of the major lot owners offered discount parking coupons online. In addition I discovered a site called BestParking.com.

What BestParking.com does is aggregate information from all of the other parking companies and presents an easy to read overview of all parking lots, rates and coupons for a specific area. The site also handles parking in most major cities and airports in the US. I also use their Iphone App every time I need to go into NYC.

I think BestParking.com is truly the perfect name if you need to find the best parking solutions.