Many of us work out of their home. Most of us do so alone. I have worked for over 15 years out of an office in my house. While my “commute” is only 2 minutes, there are more times that I am late for work than you can imagine. The problem working out of you home is that it is very easy to get sidetracked. In addition, anyone in sales can tell you, some days your on and some days you don’t want to pick up the phone or turn on the computer. Most of us don’t have a choice, If you don’t work, you don’t have the potential to make money.

Summer is one of the things that gets in my way. While I do work, it’s at a much more leisurely pace than the rest of the year. Well, Summer is over. The time is now to get back to a 110% of productivity. Over the next day, I will be putting my game plan together. It will list business projects that I am currently involved in and new projects that I am considering. I will set goals and rewards if I make those goals. The rewards are my motivation. They could be money, accomplishment, or even some time to have fun. Either way, I am ready to go and I hope you are too.