On a previous post regarding last weeks Sedo sales, a comment was made questioning Sedo’s ethics. The comment basically told of another blogger stating that he believed Sedo bought the name, flipped it and kept huge profits. The domain was extremely valuable as two major UK companies combined and named their new company the same as the domain name.

I want to thank Jeremiah at Sedo for clarifying this with the following comment:

While Sedo’s privacy policy does not permit me to disclose the details of a user’s domain transactions, I wanted to comment because Sedo takes the integrity of our marketplace very seriously. After reviewing the transaction history, I can tell you that the domain everythingeverywhere.com sold via Sedo’s online marketplace with no involvement of the Sedo staff, whether on behalf of the seller or buyer. Any price reached between the parties was solely a result of their direct negotiation.
As with all transactions that take place on the Sedo marketplace, users negotiate anonymously to ensure that both parties may engage in an arm’s length, objective discussion on the domain’s value. In any negotiation, whether over a car, a piece of art, or a domain name, the parties may harbor secret motivations that may affect the final price they are willing to accept. It is the duty, however, of those involved to reach an agreement they are comfortable accepting.