The most famous line in the movie “Field of Dreams” is “If you build it they will come”. For those of you that have not seen the movie, they are not talking about building a website. If they were, the line would have to be changed to “if you build it and add Seo, purchase advertising, create back links, add content, and some other stuff they will probably come.
It takes more than just a great generic domain to get search engine traffic. Some search engine’s add value to your site if the domain name matches the category but most category’s do not have enough search volume to live off that one category and the domains direct navigation type ins.

Finding the answers to getting traffic involves much and trial and error. How does one start you may ask? For those of you not familiar with seo, there are many sites on the web that will give some basic Seo information like They also have a paid section that adds forums and other tools. For help with building the website, there are a number of excellent sites like where you can hire hourly workers.

Good luck with any project you have, but remember that while the domain name may be the most important part of the of the site, it is not the only part necessary.