We sit here in our little domain world thinking we live in a bubble. Most people outside of this world have no idea who we are or what we do. If you live in this world, there is a good chance we know each other. Outside, we are just like everyone else, maybe a little more nerdy.

Here’s a amusing story I thought some of you might enjoy. As some of you know, my son Jeff is going to college next year. I told him if he wants to raise some cash to save for college, I have a bunch of stuff that he could put on Craigslist. He posted a few items and received an email inquiring about one of the items. The couple asked if they could come over and see it. When they arrived, I introduced myself, as did they. He had mentioned that he used to work in IT for a big bank but was now retired.He said I looked familiar but I did not recognize him. When he asked him what i did, I felt the easiest thing to say was that I was in internet marketing. He then startled me by asking are you Larry Fischer the domainer. At first I was stunned, but said yes. Do you you know me, I asked? He said he had very little domain knowledge but he remembered that we talked a few years earlier when he was looking into acquiring a domain for the Bank he worked at. Also he said that had read some articles in which I was mentioned.

At first it kind of freaked me out that this person knew who I was. But I guess in this word of Facebook, blogs and constant news, more people know about other people than we can imagine. BTW In case you were curious, he did not ask for an autograph.