I think the rollout of the new TLD’s is going to be a very interesting time. It may feel like the California gold rush of the 1840’s. Some will strike it rich while other will end up with fools gold. Either way there will be battles over the same piece of property, in this case the TLD. With that said I read this morning an interested article that puts the TLD . gay in the center of an ethical debate. It seems that a gay organization is looking to get that extension but has found out that a “a German businessman, Alexander Schubert, who is reportedly a heterosexual, has also begun the process of registering the same top-level domain with ICANN”.

Should the .GAY extension be run by a gay organization. What right does this specific organization have to the extension over another gay or non gay organization. What happens if the businessman has extensive domain background partners with a known Gay group to help start the extension. Would that me better? Did they have a detective follow the German businessman around and take pictures to show his reported heterosexuality? This will be an interesting fight.