Sometimes you type in a domain and get a ppc page. Most times I get one when I mistype a common domain. When I typed in, that was my assumption. After typing the domain into the browser 3 times and verifying the spelling, I realized that the domain which was the old Commerce Bank (now TDBank) was indeed a parking page. It made no sense to me that they would be stupid enough to let that domain drop. I went to the whois to further investigate. I saw that the domain expiration date on 9/8/09 was changed to 7/29/10 indicating that the domain was renewed. Looking further at the whois history, i noticed that the admin contact changed from to My next thought was to check out what happened to the domain since that domain controlled the domain. I saw no change in the dns, however, I see that domain is now a parking page. I’m stumped as to what is going on. If someone can figure this out, please let me know.