People ask if I still buy names. The answer is always that it depends on the domain and the price. With that said I found out that one of the domains that I had been monitoring has been sold but not yet transferred. It was a domain for obvious reasons that I would have liked to acquire, but it was already sold to somebody else.

The domain was, which happens to be my initials. I was told by the seller that the price was quite high but was not given further information. My guess is that it will be moving to China, but only time will tell.

On another note, is still in beta. We are making updates as suggested by our beta testers. One such change is that we will be allowing messages to stay on the platform for a specified time(most likely 1 week). This will give users the opportunity to go back and forth between sites (such as domain auction or domain information sites and see all previous conversations). To be the valuable tool that it can be, I ask that you download the chrome version or firefox version and use it for such sites to start. If someone would like to lead a Sitechat conversation at a specific time, please email me- larry (at)

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