I’m at a computer most of my day. Like most of us, I use the internet to shop, bid on auctions and other things that we used to have to go to a brick and mortar store for.

At the last domain conference, I enjoyed seeing friends, making new ones. One of the most exciting events is the live auction. I usually stand in the back with other domainers. We discuss many things including our thoughts on some of the domains being auctioned. This real world experience can not be experienced on a computer.


Sitechat.com is a tool which allows you to chat on any website on the web, even if that site does not offer chat. People visiting the same site can converse in the SiteChat box via text with all of their fellow SiteChat users or one to one via text or video in a private room.

I along with 2 other domainers helped put this tool together.

Ron Jackson, on DNJournal.com just wrote a great write up of the service, which is in beta.

I’m hoping that you will download the Chrome plugin and try it. Test it. Tell me about bugs. Tell me about meeting new domainers. There is a non plugin version on sitechat.com but the plugin is the way to go for full features.

I am concentrating on the domain industry in beta. I think we are the most entrepreneurial society of any people I have ever met.

Read Rons write up as he really puts into words what SiteChat can accomplish for you.

In addition to testing. I will start scheduling chats so domainers can meet other domainers at sites that do not have chat, such as domain auctions.

In addition, there is a trending area so you can jump easily between trending chats.

Please contact me here with any bugs, thoughts or just to say hi.

Please remember we just started this. It will take time to build and get perfect. Lets build this together.