The NYtimes wrote an interesting article last Thursday discussing URL’s that which are not being optimized for SEO rankings. Instead the URL is tailored to be funny, hoping that people reading it will forward it to others, thereby creating a “social URL”.

examples include

” an article posted on Engadget, a website that reports on and reviews tech products, about a wearable device that monitors sexual activity. In the URL, the writer issued something of a mea culpa:­-sexfit-i-used-to-be-a-serious-­journalist/ ”

and­daves4/just-donate-the-money, which takes readers to the article “22 People Who Should Definitely Not Have Taken the Ice Bucket Challenge.”

” Traditionally, URLs have always closely mirrored the headline. The so-called social URL is written not with Google analytics or search engine optimization in mind. The hope is that a story will get shared a lot by those who appreciate a cleverly placed joke.”