I have been involved in many high end domain transactions in the last 17 years. From time to time I am offered alternative investments such as gold, art, bitcoins, etc. One of the the most peculiar investments I have come seen is currently up for Auction in New York tomorrow at Sotheby’s. The investment – The worlds largest white truffle. Sotheby’s happens to be one of the largest auction houses in the world. The current owners have already turned down a million dollar offer for the truffle. The truffle was found last week in the Umbrian region of Italy weighing 4.16 pounds or 1.89 kilos. This massive size is nearly twice that of the existing record holder, which was sold for $417,200 in 2010. Bidding for this extraordinary white truffle is expected to begin around $50,000 and the Balestra family plans to donate proceeds to a number of charitable organizations, including Citymeals-on-Wheels and the Children’s Glaucoma Foundation.

If you would like to bid on the item you should contact Sotheby’s quickly as I’m not sure how long this investment will last.