Last week I was at Namescon. First I have to give Richard, Jodi and Jothan a huge congratulations. They put on the first of what I think will be EPIC shows.
Much discussion was placed on the new Gtld’s verse the existing tld’s (mostly .com’s) Of course there were many that were looking forward to their arrival. These positive folks mostly were represented by those that were involved financially in the process. The .com lovers were mostly older domainers that had seen .mobi, .xxx and others fail miserably for the investors, but made lots of dough for the registries, auction houses and registrars.

I do think some Gtld’s will be a winner for all involved including domain investors. Others will help the average business looking for a simple domain that they could not otherwise get at an affordable price.

Speaking with a long time domainer today, he told me that Gtld stood for “Going to Lose Dough”. At first I laughed but I had to commend his reasoning. “Its a lot like Las Vegas”, he said. “The house are the Gtlds and the investors are the gamblers. Since the house usually comes out ahead, many investors may have found the meaning of Gtld.”

It’s only a matter of time to see if he’s right or wrong.