Toby runs a highly successful newsletter which offers domain for sale on a daily basis.he recently changed his website to allow make offers on their exclusive inventory, He has gone 1 step further, adding a make offer link directly from his newsletter. Additionally,he will also be pulling data to show various stats to prospective buyers.

I look forward to see how these changes effect sales.

here is Toby’s note:

Hi Everyone,

As I mentioned yesterday, we have made a pretty big change on our newsletter and are hoping it will net us all some more sales in the future.

For years, I have always wondered what a “make offer” feature would do on my platform, but never launched it because the “buy now” option we have always had, always did the job.

Around 10 days ago, we made it possible for everyone to make offers on our full exclusive inventory list, but we are taking it a step further today and offering that option on the names that are listed in the newsletter.

From now on, there will be a Buy Now Price, Make Offer Link, and an Information Link which will share with you any internal information we have on the domain or stats that are pulled from sites like, etc…..

Keep in mind that this is all a work in progress. If something works, we will keep it and build on it. If it doesn’t, we will scrap it and start over.

We are always open to your positive and negative criticism. Please feel free to comment.

Now, take a look and let us know if you are interested by using the new make offer link!


Toby Clements