Back when I was in school, I remember sending many hours in the library studying for tests, doing homework and working on reports. One of the most valuable tools that I used was the encyclopedia. The encyclopedia was the most comprehensive and informed source we had. The most detailed, and sometimes harder to understand, was the Encyclopedia Britannica (EB).

Each year EB would update and sell a new set of books. Due to the internet, that model is no longer sustainable as information of the world is changed every second. Yesterday, EB announced that they will no longer sell a print edition. They will concentrate on their online edition along with other revenue outlets.

Here’s some more info:

“After 244 years, Encyclopedia Britannica will cease production of its iconic multi-volume book sets.

Britannica usually prints a new set of the tomes every two years, but 2010’s 32-volume set will be its last. Instead, the company will focus solely on its digital encyclopedia and education tools.”