As I was writing this post, i noticed Elliot mentioned in Elliots blog that CarInsurance.TV just sold for $13,000 and CarInsuranceQuotes.TV is asking 13 million. I decided to see whats still available in the major Insurance lead gen category domains. In the last few months Insurance lead gen names domain names have done extremely well in the aftermarket. For example, sold for $570,000 this past November. All the major domains with .com, .net or .org now have sites on them, with the exception of FYI – I emailed the owner of, he offered me the domain name for 3 million USD. As for the latest Insurance build out,It seems that, was turned into an insurance lead site for insurance quotes just the other day.

Just recently another major insurance .com domain was sold with an NDA attached for millions. It seems that these names have become printing presses for their owners. There seems to be no letup in that market.