In the last few years, following the sale of Smartname, I have been involved in more 6 figure and 7 figure deals than most people. My role has been either as a buyer, seller or broker. The one common thing that almost all of these deals insist on is a NDA. Many Domainers and non public companies like to keep things private. There are 2 ways of thought on this. One thought is that the publicity will help give a bump to the name. The other is that your competitors will see what you are doing and jump on the band wagon. Most believe in the second.

Here is one deal that I am able to mention as it is no longer under NDA. This was a personal domain that I sold. This deal actually occurred in late 2009 but is an example of many transactions that are significant but never mentioned to the world.

Congratulation to the buyers of for $300,000 USD.