It’s a lovely 60 degree day Sunday here in NY. I had the opportunity to walk in Prospect Park, grab some coffee and think about lot of things. My life has definitely changed in the last 10 years, both for good and bad. On the positive side, money is usually not an issue. However money can’t buy you everything.

On Friday, I attended a preview of Saturday’s US Marshalls Auction of Ruth and Bernie Madoff items. I walked around the warehouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. My first impression was excess. There were more clothes than any human being could wear in a life time. Hundreds each of shirts, shoes and other items, many that have never been worn. There were Rolex’s and Patek’s watches, which was the reason I came down there in the first place. However, looking around at this place, I started to get a strange feeling, one of which brought me back to earth. I thought why would anyone need so much. What benefit did his greed have. He was a wealthy man before his Ponzi scheme. I remember hearing once, the more money, the more toys. I have to say it’s nice to treat yourself, but I seen people in the last few years become overwhelmed with “keeping up with the Jones” and others just keeping themselves afloat. I have to admit, at times I can get caught in the moment. It’s moments like this that keep me grounded.

Another encounter with a friend with also on my mind. He’s a regular guy, trying to keep the family afloat, working in his own business. He has hospital bills, kids college and other things many of us don’t think about that he has to pay. He came to me asking for help, which I did. It was hard for him to ask, but I’m glad he did. It felt better that any purchase I’ve ever made.

Yesterday when the auction ended. I decided not to but anything. I had one less toy, and but one big smile.