I am currently wrapping a long vacation. We traveled to Boston, Ireland and the Adirondicks. This week i am driving my son to college. i hadn’t planned on posting until after Labor day but the email I had received from someone in England was so enjoyable, It must be shared.

I have received emails offers for domains in the past. Some of the offers have been fair, others not so. I thought that I had heard every possible story. Many have told me they are students doing a senior project. A few described themselves as “mom and pop” stores just trying to start a website. A few of these traced back to either venture capital guys, domainers and in one case someone that had just sold his last “mom and pop” store for over 300 million USD.

Here is the email. Please let me know what you think or share some the crazy offers that you have recieved in the past.

“Thanks for getting back to me Larry,
with 14 years experience in web design and many successful domain transfers on behalf of my clients, please allow me to make the following assessment.

Webarchive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http:// .com shows that the ‘ .com’ domain hasn’t had anything but a collection of advertising links on it for 9 years, which I guess is a use of sorts. Those should create some kind of return, unless the registrar that has your domain parked is publishing those links, earning themselves on the ‘click-throughs’ and charging you per year registration fees – in which case its just been a cost for 9 years to you and company?

a. If that is a fair assessment, on that basis, at what price would you be interested in off-loading a negative asset?
b. If I’m wrong, what is its return to you per year and we could work a price of that?

On agreement, how would you like to go about transfering the domain?

Keen get your feedback on this and I hope we can setup a fair deal all round. Feel free to call me during UK business hours.

xxxxx xxxxxxxxx + art direction + design”