“The Call” which is a popular CNBC show will have Jeff Kupietzky on today speaking about domain values. A must watch if you can.

Here’s the email I’d like to pass on to you:


Jeff Kupietzky, CEO of Oversee.net, will be interviewed on the CNBC show, “The Call,” which features a segment, entitled, “Anything but Stock.” Jeff will be talking about the value of domain names. The segment is part of The Call and Jeff’s segment should air live around 2:40 Eastern/11:40 Pacific.

“The Call” is a full hour of analysis, discussion and debate now that the Opening Bell frenzy has died down. It is hosted by Trish Regan, Larry Kudlow, and Melissa Francis, who take a closer look at all the information floating around the market — economic, corporate and political — and decide how to play the rest of the day.

Be sure to tune in!