Recently, I took a long look at my domains. I ran various analysis patterns. Some names have dropped in revenue while other names are actually making more money than they did last year at the same time. As i went over the lists, one domain popped out. This domain used to be a constant earner, but had dropped down over the past few months to practically nothing. I decided to investigate. I called the parking company with which I had this name parked. They were at a loss, or more precise, I was at a loss and wanted to know if they can think of any reasons that would help me get this name to perform better. It turned out that the name been banned by the primary PPC. Banning a name can be for a variety of reasons, some of which are just stupid. (FYI – You can appeal a ban and many times the ban will be taken off. This was not done in this situation.) After it was banned, the parking company had put the name on a secondary feed, but the revenue from that feed was terrible for this name. I decided to try a third feed. Guess what? The name is making over $50 per day. That an $18,000 per year improvement.
I suggest when you look at your domain revenue reports, see if there has been a large drop in any one name. If so, make sure it has not been banned from the parking companies primary feed provider. If it has, make sure you try a different feed provider.