I was sorry to see Bido.com shut down last week. Sahar is an old friend and a true entrepreneur. Some say you learn more from failure than success. I have no doubt we will be seeing more from him in the near future.

I was a surprised this morning that I received a Bido.com email promoting the service. It only proves that in cyberspace nothing ever truly ends.

here is a copy of the email.

Hello larry,

It’s the start of a new week at Bido, so we have reset your complimentary voting points to 0. You have all week to use these points to vote on inventory that you wish to see go to auction.

If something that you voted on sells, you become a partner in the profits. So be sure to use the credits and vote on inventory at Bido wisely. The first person to vote on an item earns the most. So be sure to check what’s been submitted on a regular basis to find the gems first.

If you use up your complimentary voting points, you may exchange 1 Bido Credit for 2220 additional voting points.

To learn more about the Vote For Profits program, view the payout scale, and try the earning calculator, please click here:

Bido offers a downloadable file of what’s been submitted, view it and vote now at http://www.bido.com

The Bido Team

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