Many domainers receive offers on a daily basis. Some offers are e-mailed, some by phone. Most offers are from individuals asking to purchase at an amount far below current market value. Since domains have value but there is no true liquid market, for many domainers this may be the first time you received an offer on a domain. What do you do?. First, you look at the domain and analyze it. You look at comps for similar names, what is currently earning, and the potential for what it could earn.

Before you answer the offer, you should try to find out all the information that you can on the prospective buyer. First, go to Google and put the e-mail address of the prospective buyer into the search engine and see what comes up. Next, go to linkedin and see if you can find a match if the person is giving their full name. If you can not find anything, ask the buyer further information on him and his company. Many times you will receive the information you request, while other times they will try to protect their identity.

If you feel they made a fair offer, there is no harm in accepting it. If the offer is well below what you feel the domain is worth, you can contact the party and let them know that or just ignore the offer. Most times, an offer is just an initial offer, and the other party will be willing to negotiate. Don’t be surprised if the buyer comes back multiple times increasing his offer each time. I have seen offers that started off in the low thousands end up becoming a six-figure offer. Remember, sell for your price not theirs.