I was looking today at the names listed on the Snapnames Ft Lauderdale auction. I thought the auction had the best list of generic domains that I have seen at auction in while. I emailed Monte to tell him that and also to ask if he had any comments on the Million dollar Photo.com deal.

Here is what he said:

Thanks. This was a sale that took several months to complete. An end
user purchased the domain but their site is not ready yet….we just
could not wait to make the announcement given DFG and some of the best
names in the industry are going up for sale next week. Did you see the
great names we have? We just locked up CommunityCollege.com,
Karate.com, and of course have WiFi.com, Dating.com, Detox.com,
Jeans.com, etc. Look at the gems on this list:

We are really focusing on the end user and corporate buyer more than
ever before. Our last 3 auctions had more names purchased by end users
than all the years prior so now I think we are in the best position to
bring the very best names to the end user/corporate market and validate
ROI and value. Sellers still have to be reasonable on their price to
create a bidding environment – that is exactly what happened with
Photo.com. We had 3 parties interested after making the name available
in an earlier auction. The Buyer and the Seller had very specific needs
to get the transaction completed and we were extremely flexible in
making that happen. Other sales that we still cannot report, are coming
in due to having flexible payment term options through Moniker’s Escrow
and Secure Transfer services and that is also enabling more higher end
sales to get done.

Thanks Monte for your reply