Last night I went for a cinco de mayo party. Yes, it was the day after but with 30 of us that’s the only way to get a table. As we sat and talked I noticed that only the older men (over 30) were wearing watches. In addition, everyone came after work, so I was surprised not to see anyone wearing a tie. It made me start to think. When i spoke to a few of the under 30, I asked if any of them owned a watch. Only one did and said it was a gift from his dad. He told me he never wears it since there is no need. He has an iphone that he can check for time. Why would he need to wear one he asked?

Would I start a business in either of those areas, no. Thats not saying you could not have a successful business. Look at Rick Latona. He started a site called and is doing fairly well. However, it is not his only business.

We have seen alot change on the web. Netscape was the first major browser and had at one point virtually all of the market. That is no longer the case. Yahoo used to be the premier search engine on the web. That is no longer the case.

There are also trends showing upside of various products and industries. An art auction at Sotherbys the other day, someone purchased the highest recorded sale at auction for a painting. Over 100 million USD for a Picasso. People are spending that much because it is an amazing and unique work of art that cant be replicated and whose value has shown increasing over time. The same thing can be said about generic domains. They are unique and cant be replicated. A generic domain is like a fine piece of art. The trend for domains is increased registrations especially with all the new tld’s. As more domains come into the market place it only raises value for the prime generic .com’s as they are domaining’s answer to fine art.