Let’s say you start a simple website. This website lets you look and chat with random people on the internet 1 person at a time. Before you know it, it goes viral and becomes one of the most viewed websites on the net. That’s exactly what happened with ChatRoulette.com. Now, lets say someone offers you $30,000,000 Euros. Would you take it or would you gamble for the billion dollar payout? After all, gambling on success seems to have paid off for YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Some might say that copycat sites can easily do what Chatroulette.com. That’s true, however when your first to market and get the exposure a site like chatroulette.com has, it’s almost impossible to accomplish similar results. Will some copycats be successful? Yes but I don’t think anywhere near the original. The problem comes with making money. YouTube, Twitter and Facebook all faced such hurdles but seemed to figure out a revenue model.

Would I take the money if I was offered $30 million euro’s and run. It would be a tough decision but Yes I would. What about you?

BTW – It is rumored that such an offer has been made.