Its been a over 3 years since I ran a parking company. I remember the early days when we were basically the only parking firm around. They were long hours but I enjoyed every minute of it. That’s because I was able to speak with other domainers, like myself, 24 hours a day. We spoke the same language. We understood what need to be done and did it. One of the most of favorite stories is how I helped one domainers life change around. This person had just got divorced and was about to lose his house. I had just met him and saw that he had an amazing portfolio that he was doing very little with. Remember, there was very few options for domainers back then. I asked if he would like to sell his names. As a typical programer / domainer, he said he’d rather lose his house first. I told him the possibility existed that if i parked his names with us, i thought he could make at least $ 2,000. He couldn’t believe it but tried anyway. His first payment was not $2,000 but over $20,000 for the month. His life changed for the better. It was a great feeling as people we worked with became good friends.

I hear many things today about parking firms, mostly negative. These range from no transparency to reduced revenue. It’s definitely a changed environment from the time Ari and I started until today, however there is no reason why there cant be more done to explain to the domainer the reasoning behind what is happening and what can be done.

I’m very interested in hearing your thoughts on what you needs to be done in the industry.