I went to Google a few minutes ago and could not believe what I saw. When I typed in the term “Auto Insurance” into Google, the 2nd link was for a domain called kosherhibachi.com. I then tried the term “car insurance rates” in Google and saw that kosherhibachi.com was also 2nd for that keyword. Obviously something is wrong. i thought to myself “has someone figured out a way to beat google at SEO and bring a domain that who’s domain itself has no value for the category”. Obviously the answer is yes. I assume much black hat seo is at work. They have taken a name of a former kosher restaurant in Brooklyn and made it into a HUGE moneymaker as that category has big payouts. How long will this last? Probably not much longer as Google is usually good at finding and fixing these type of actions. I also believe they used a non generic domain, as most likely the domain will be banned in the near future and that would be a waste of a good generic domain as opposed to using a throw away name such as kosherhibachi.com