Last week I received an email from a Paul Ginsburg. Some of you may know that name as it was listed back in 2003 as the owner of and some other valuable generic domains. However, back in 2003 the whois email was bad and so was the phone number. Sometime around 2004 the name and all other domains associated with Paul Ginsburg were put under privacy. The email offered the name for between 600k and 700k .
My first thought was let’s get on the phone and discuss the name. I asked him to call me. He emailed no. I asked him to give me a phone number so I could call him. He emailed back again that he would not speak on the phone. He would not call me or give me a number to call him. I found that odd especially since it was a high figure deal.
I also noticed that he misspelled the domain within his subject area (it was spelled correctly within the email). That could be petty but i would think if your asking that much for a six figure domain, you would spell it correctly in the subject area. They did want to use an escrow service, However that left me with no way to substaniate who they were if there were issues. In the end, I decided to pass on the name. I’m sure it will sell at a good price once a buyer finds his own comfort level with the seller of the name. BTW If someone can come up with title insurance for domains, it has the potential to be a good business.