As I promised, I will tell one of the stories told to me at Domainfest. This one is 100% true and told to me by one of the playmates I met this week.
This story was told to me by Playmate A as I will call her. About 2 years earlier, Playmate A was at Kendra’s house hanging out. Kendra for those of you that do not know is also a former Playmate, former Hef girlfriend and a reality star. Kendra had scheduled a lunch with a domainer/businessman at a Beverly Hills Hotel. Playmate A wanted to blow it off but Kendra said she couldn’t do that on such late noticed. Playmate A came along with Kendra to lunch. At the meeting, domain names came up. Playmate A said she would love to get her name (.com) but someone has it and it is impossible to find them. After the lunch the domainer said he will find out who owns Playmate A’s domain name and do everything in his power to try and get it back for her.

Nearly 2 hours later playmate A receives a call from the domainer. Remarkably, he tells her that the name is now in her possession. She is shocked and asks how he did it. Well, said the domainer, it turns out that he owned it. It seems that the domainer had recently a purchased package of domains and her name (.com) was part of the package.

Sometime fact is stranger than fiction.