Many people read playboy for the articles. Some go to party’s at the playboy mansion strictly for the food and networking. I can honestly say that Domainers do not fit either of those statements. The party this year was for one thing – just having fun. After a amazing group of seminars and great networking, it was time to enjoy the night. Many of us simply were there to enjoy the modern art, which turned out to be many young models that were only wearing painted bikinis.. I must say hanging out in the grotto was an interesting experience. For the short time I was there having a drink with a few friends, there was one young domainer who entered and left 3 times with 3 different girls. Sorry , cant give further details. My favorite line of the night was one I read from on facebook from another domainer. That domainer was at the bar near a conversation between another domainer and a young model. He was asked old he was. The domainer said 39, The model shot back ” Oh, I should introduce you to my mother.”

After the party was over many domainers headed to clubs or to parties at the Hotel (thanks Ammar). I read in Eliot Silver’s blog his story about going clubbing with Ron Jeremy and Justin Brescia of “The Hills”.

All in all amazing night and week.