I receive emails constantly. Some people ask to buy their domains while others ask for me to sell them domains. Every once in a while I receive an email asking for me to invest in their business plan. Recently, both Traffic and Domainfest added a “shark tank” to their agenda. The Shark Tank is based on a TV show that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to show their business plan and ask the panel for an investment.

I am going to post a business plan that was sent to me by a reader of the DirectNavigation.com blog. Please note that I do not know the domainer who sent it to me and I do not recommend one way or another whether someone should invest in his business plan. That is your decision. I post this plan as a way for the domainer to learn from comments of domainers, investors and all other readers of this blog.

His business plan is up at http://www.slideshare.net/spreadoffense/spreadoffensecom-business-plan-2009

The plan may be a little difficult to read at that site. If anyone can tell me how to attach a PDF to my wordpress post, I will add a PDF which would be easier to read.