I’m .com person. I have looked far and wide to help purchase some of the best generic .com’s in the word. However, there are certain keywords that are extremely valuable even in other extensions. One such phrase is ” Car Insurance”. I own Carinsurance.net. I purchased it a few years back from the winner of a snapnames.com drop. Back in those days, Snapnames did not auction domains. What they did was charge you a small sum, around $69. If no one else had a “snap” on it, you could snap it and hope that they won it for you. a few domainers built their empires on snaps.

I have had various offers over the years, some higher, but have always kept the Carinsurance.net domain due to the large lead gen and SEO possibilities. A few recent offers at the $100,000 range has got me off my motivated into developing it.

What would you do?