How many domainers have made the mistake of not renewing a domain? I for one have had it happen to me and I will never forget that I bought it back at auction for over $20,000.

I, like most keep a detailed inventory list along with automatic renewals and check each domain as the renew. However, many domainers leave their domains set auto renew and forget about it. What happens if the credit card that is on your account declines? Maybe you will get another renewal notice? Many registrars aren’t as helpful as they once were since they auction off names that you don’t pay for. What else can be done? has the best new domain product that I have seen in a long time. Their DropGuard option which costs an additional $1 per year guarantees that a domain name will not drop for one year after its expiration date if not renewed on time. Expired domains with DropGuard enabled are held in disabled state in the customer’s account, and can be renewed for up to one year after its expiration date. Upon renewal, the regular renewal fee still applies. Basically, the registrar insures against non renewal, and if a domain isn’t renewed for any reason, they pay the renewal fee out of their own pocket until the owner claims it. If the domain isn’t claimed after a year, they take the loss on the renewal fee.

I tested it out and it worked great. I predict that this cool feature will eventually be offered at by others but for the time being it’s only at