Have you received an offer for a domain you own and wondered if the offer is worth responding to. Do you wonder if the offer is real or if it is someone spamming out multiple offers. A few years back I noticed the site DomainSpammers.com. It only listed a few names at the time but I had received offer emails from most of the email addresses that the site’s owner had listed as spam. The list has increased over time. I’m not sure if it’s up to date or if all emails listed there are actual spammers. However based on my past experience, it seems like a good list to compare any email offers you have received. This way you can make your own decision before responding.

per the site:
DomainSpammers.com tracks all suspected Spam and Scam activity related to domain names and encourages best practices among domainers. This site is designed to help domain owners gauge the legitimacy of emails being sent based on what other owners have received. Any registered user can submit a suspected spammer to let other owners know where potential spam offers and scams are coming from. Being listed here does not necessarily mean one is a spammer or scammer, this site only serves as a warning about the emailing habits of people and companies. Click on any person to view the full info page and comments.”