A few ago that I read about “Green Monday”. Green Monday is the 2nd Monday in December. It was named so by Ebay because it produced the most online revenue of the holiday season.

A few years earlier, I had hear about Black friday. Black Friday is the friday after Thanksgiving. Many retail stores have amazing one day deals to bring the customer into their stores, initially to their brick and mortar stores, but now also online stores. The term had grown from no searches to one of the most heavily searched terms of the holiday season. The domain BlackFriday.com was owned by a major Direct Navigation firm. I knew it would be hopeless to try and buy it from them.

I noticed one day that the domain GreenMonday.com was about to drop. At the time, the term Green Monday was in its infancy and I had to assume that the term had no searches. I entered the snapnames auction and thought that it would go for just a few thousand dollars. Needless to say it went for much more. There were just a few bidders on the auction. It became evident that one other bidder really wanted this name. It was a slow auction with the party pushing up the domain name the minimum amount with each bid. As it hit $ 30,000, I started to think what if this term does not take off, would I be wasting all this money? At $50,000, I started to wonder who I was bidding against. It turns out later that they were thinking the same thing as me. Was it a real bidder? Was it ebay since they coined the term? At $60,000, I said I’ll do one more bid. I also said that at $61,000, $ 62,000 $63,000 and so on. At around $75,000 I lost my internet connection. By the time I came back online the auction was over. How far would have I went, I had the number $125,000 in my head. What do I think would have happened if it went above that number? I probably would have said “one more time”