I got back last night from DomainRoundtable. On the plane ride home, all I kept thinking about was Contests.com. I had decided earlier in the day that I would not bid on it so I did not stay for the auction. I had made a prediction to Ron Jackson earlier in the day that I thought the name would sell for $400,000 which turned out to big a good guess since National A-1 bought it for $380,000. That does not mean the value is only $ 380,000. It just means that for this particular auction, the parties that participated in it set the price for purchase at $380,000. If the name was properly promoted, it would have went much higher ( or if I had stayed and got caught up in the bidding, it would have went much higher). A good comparison is Toys.com The original auction brought slightly over a million dollars. A properly advertised auction brought 5 times that.

My question for Yahoo is WHAT WERE YOU THINKING SELLING THIS NAME? It’s an amazing category name. I understand that you are probably shedding some of your “non core” assets, but when you start to classify these domain as such i have only one thing to ask — Please call me directly and let me know what other “non core” domains you would like to sell.